Hifi supplies National Television Networks

The HiFi Centre supplied cable and Accessories required for broadcasting the national television networks in recently liberated areas situated in the north of the country. Once the Transmission in Kokavil is established people in war torn areas would have access to news and information.


Hifi in collaboration with Harris Corporation

In collaboration with Harris Corporation, The Hi-Fi Centre arranged a comprehensive Workshop on EMERGING BROADCAST TECHNOLOGY for the Sri Lankan broadcast sector. The event was well attended with a number of Engineers from all the state broadcast corporations and private Broadcast networks. Emerging Digital Technology was discussed in detail.
The Hi-Fi Centre organized a Workshop on DIGITAL TRENDS IN BROADCASTING with the keynote delivered by Eng, Upali Arambewale, who was a key-figure in Sri Lankan Broadcasting arena before taking up the assignment as the Head of Transmission Technology and Spectrum, Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union. The event was well attended by Engineers from both State & Private Broadcasting Networks.

October 2008

Hifi joins hands with Microsoft

Hifi Centre Partners with Microsoft corporation in bringing computer aided learning to rural schools where Microsoft’s new multipoint technology is implemented to provide students use of computers by sharing one PC amongst many students using a projection screen and multiple Mice.

July 2008

30th Anniversary

Company celebrates three decades of success on it's  30th Anniversary. Its proud history includes some of the finest audio solution provided in Sri Lanka and numerous satisfied customers who keep coming back over the years.

June 2008

Palladine LCD TV

 Hifi Center introduces Paladine range of LCD panels from Singapore. Palladine is an up and coming lifestyle products brand.

January 2008

Language Laboratory

The Hifi Centre is awarded the construction of the first large scale language laboratory system in Sri Lanka. The requirement of high quality sound for language learning is the key benefit offered by the company.

January 2008

Preview Cinema

Hifi center successfully completes’ installation and commissioning of the new Preview Theater at National Film Corporation. The Theater boasts state of the art technology including Dolby Digital, DTS, and the German engineered Kinoton Projection System