With the introduction of the world’s first digital processor in 1971, Lexicon became the world leader in digital audio. Since then, Lexicon has continuously introduced groundbreaking audio technology. Today Lexicon processing is heard on stage and in the studio with top artists around the world.

The MPX1 delivers the finest lexicon
reverbs with up to 4 additional stereo
effects, all at once, without compromise.
All of this coupled with balanced XLR and ¼ inputs make the MPX1 the professional’s choice.



The lexicon MX 400 and MX400XL dual stereo surround reverb processors offer 4 in /4- out operation with three modes and seven routings to choose from .intuitive front panel navigation along with ‘
hardware piug-in” and PC GUL control make theMX400 an ideal choice for the stage or studio.


The MX200 offers high-end lexicon reverbs and effects in an extremely affordable,
use-friendly package. MX 200 offers the perfect musicians and pros alike