The HIFI centre started out in 1968, providing top quality Hi-Fi equipment to customers who were fastidious about the quality of the product and its sound.

Ten years later in July 1978, the business was incorporated and this company was born. One of the first agencies that came to The Hi-Fi Centre Ltd., was AKG from Vienna. Many lectures/demonstrations were held at the CISIR auditorium, and many professional broadcast and other audio engineers learned about the usage of microphones, at these events. Then came EMT; STUDER; JBL and a host of other very reputable manufactures.

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Hifi supplies National Television Networks

The HiFi Centre supplied cable and Accessories required for broadcasting the national television networks.......

Hifi in collaboration with Harris Corporation

In collaboration with Harris Corporation, The Hi-Fi Centre arranged a comprehensive Workshop.......

October 2008

Hifi joins hands with Microsoft

Hifi Centre Partners with Microsoft corporation in bringing computer aided.......

July 2008

30th Anniversary

Company celebrates three decades of success on it's 30th Anniversary...

June 2008

Palladine LCD TV

 Hifi Center introduces Paladine range of LCD panels from Singapore...

January 2008

Language Laboratory

 The Hifi Centre is awarded the construction of the first large scale language laboratory....

January 2008

Preview Cinema

Hifi center successfully completes’ installation and commissioning of the new Preview...