With the growing number of cinemas being established around the country and numerous requests by cinema owners who had to look overseas for a professional quality solutions and services, the HiFi Center Ltd invested in developing a team to provide professional level A/V solutions for cinemas.


Engineers were sent to the United Kingdom for Dolby training and to Germany for Projection training by Kinoton. The HiFi Center has the only Dolby and Kinoton certified engineering team in Sri Lanka. Since the year 2000 our engineers have gained experience in solutions such as installing and commissioning of projection equipment, Dolby 5.1 conversions, Red LED conversions, complete audio system overhauls, equipment maintenance & repairs etc


Solutions portfolio


Complete setup and commissioning of Cinema Projection equipment
Cinema equipment overhauls
Supply & Installation of Dolby digital surround sound audio system
Dolby digital conversions
Alignment of sound system as per Dolby standards
Audio visual equipment maintenance & repairs


Broadcast Monitors






Ceylon theatres pvt Limited Majestic Cinema

National Film Corporation

Preview theatre

Ceylon theatres pvt Limited

Regal Cinema
Cinemas Limited Lido Cinema

National Film Corporation

Sarasavi Film Studio

Cinemas Limited

Capital Cinema

Cinemas Limited

Kingsley Cinema