The Hifi centre has been at the forefront of broadcast technology for over a decade. The success of the company in this sphere has been its ability to identify technological changes early and willingness to embrace technology. The company initially specialized in audio broadcast but has now built its portfolio to better serve the Television broadcast sector including the growing demand for satellite and IP television.


Our Key strengths

Representation of a wide range of complementing products to offer a complete solution to the customer
Highly trained engineers to support clients when required

Long standing relationships with both clients and principals

Digital Recording & playback products

AM - FM Broadcast Transmitters

Telephone hybrid

Audio Processors

Professional Network Audio

High quality Audio Cables

Broadcast Monitors

Microphones,Headphones & PA Systems

Professional Portable Tape Recorders

UHF/VHF Studio - Transmitter Links

Audio Processors for AM-FM-TV Transmissions

Professional PPM Meters

Audio Broadcast, Sound-re-inforcement,
Multi-channel Music Production Mixing Consoles

DB Electronic Telecommunication Spa


Systems Electronics

digital broadcast

Broadcast Communications

Digital television products and systems

LCD rack mountable monitors

Cold Lighting

camera tradition

television broadcast and broadband wireless/MMDS

Tv processor


RF Cable,Antennas,Combiners

DVD/CD Video server & NAS for Library learning solution

TV Play out Automation Solution

Robust FM Transmitters

Broadcast type Analog/Digital Audio Mixers

LED Video Walls solution

Digital Hybrid Telephone solution

Lighting Filters

TV Broadcast Equipment,Transmitters

Bonded Video Mobile Cellular uplink Solution.

HD/SD PC based CG Broadcast Solution

Lightning Protectors

RF Antenna system solutions

Studio and Stage LED & Tungsten Fresnel Lighting Solutions

Digital TV Transmitters

Camera Support System

World Leader in-Rack Audio & Video Monitoring

Digital Recording & playback products

Broadcast  Audio Consoles

Studio Microphones,Headphones

High quality A-D & D-A Filters & Digital Cables

Stage Equipment & Processors

Low power TV Studio lighting equipment

Audio & video Broadcast Transmitters

MMDS / Cable TV Systems

Graphic Equalizers & Audio Processors

Broadcast  Delays, Harmonizers and Station Loggers

Pre-amps & Processors

UHF/VHF Studio –Transmitter Links

Broadcast TV & FM antennas

Audio Processors for AM-FM-TV Transmissions
Audio Broadcast, Sound-re-inforcement, Multi-channel Music Production Mixing Consoles

Computerized Digital Audio Workstations and Multi-track HD

Terrestrial & Satellite “Pay-TV” Systems

IPTV systems

Music, Film & TV Production & Digital Post Production systems 

TV Transmission Equipment 

Conditional access systems

DVB set top boxes

C, KU Band Antennas

Digital head ends

Digital video middleware






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