To be the Leader and driver of innovation for the Broadcast, Cinema, & Professional Audio Industry.

“ We relentlessly strive to provide our customers with the most effective and innovative solutions by staying abreast with emerging technology, products and services through our continuous commitment in the field of R&D. We are a committed to strict standards of service... Thereby ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction in our service enabled solutions offered to the corporate market.”




Ten years later in July 1978, the business was incorporated and this company was born. One of the first agencies that came to The Hi-Fi Centre Ltd., was AKG from Vienna. Many lectures/demonstrations were held at the CISIR auditorium, and many professional broadcast and other audio engineers learned about the usage of microphones, at these events. Then came EMT; STUDER; JBL and a host of other very reputable manufactures......


The first privately owned fully professional Recording Studio was supplied by the company, incorporating EMT mixing consoles, STUDER tape-recorders, and the first (and only) DOLBY 301 audio noise reduction unit to come to this country!. Many 45rpm 7" EP's (as they were called) originated in this studio!

The criteria set down by the company in selecting agencies and partners was, that the product needed to be well designed and needed to sound right! The HiFi Senior management & Engineering team were the sole judge of this criteria. All the agencies held by the company had to meet to this  critical criteria! Most customers purchased equipment sold, purely on the company’s reputation and were never proven wrong! (Some 30 year old items are still in operation!).This concept slowly flowed into the world of professional audio and broadcasting as well.

Going into the consumer line, after various statutory restrictions prevented this trade from blossoming, was the break the company had when a Duty-Free Complex was started in Kollupitiya. HI-FI CENTRE, was the only shop that was "acoustically designed" in that complex! It was about then that SANSUI Hi-Fi: ALPINE car-audio: ROLAND keyboards: and FENDER Guitars became known in the market. The two leading Show Bands at the time the” JETLINERS" and the "SPIFIRES" both used mainly Fender Guitars and Amplifiers fitted with JBL speakers!

The First CD players made by SANSUI of Japan and the first CD's from POLYDOR & DG in Germany was imported by THE HI-FI CENTRE LTD, and sold in their duty-free shop! When imports were freely allowed the company did not waver from its stand on quality products. Sounds from their showrooms in Kollupitiya emanated from Harman-Kardon CD/DVD players and Receivers, and CROWN amplifiers, mated with selected JBL loudspeakers.

The Professional Division won the contract to supply the first Fully Digital radio station in the country! At a time when hard-disk memory was still only in the domain of the computer industry, and was regarded with great suspicion by the audio fraternity!

With the growth of solid state and then digital technology, most manufactures turned to micro-processor and software technology. Audio was now being mated to computer technology! It is now possible to send whole clusters of audio via computer CAT-5 type cable. The company then needed to embrace this new technology shift.

With the acquisition of the company by the DEBUG group. The company created excellent synergies by way of converging its existing technologies with state of the art computer technologies and expertise introduced by the Group.
The Hifi centre, With all this history behind it, together with the knowledge, experience, and financial muscle of the Group, the company was now poised to take the next mega-leap forward…....!